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What Is Personal Care Assistance? Our Service Explained.

Personal care and attention are vital through all of life’s changing seasons. At the Caring for Family of Companies, our services celebrate life, nurture dignity, and foster independence. Personal care assistance is the embodiment of all three. In a safe, trusted environment, our Caregivers support Clients through their evolving needs, from toileting and peri care to bathing and dressing. 

Dignity in Personal Care Assistance 

Personal care assistance is essential for aging adults with chronic or unmet care needs. It helps them gain independence, conserve energy, perform tasks safely, and maintain personal hygiene. But personal care is about much more than just physical care. It’s about fostering relationships, understanding each Client as an individual, and providing personalized care and attention to meet unique needs.

At Caring for Family of Companies, we recognize that aging with dignity and continued health can be challenging. Our caregivers provide emotional support, companionship, and a listening ear to ensure that clients feel valued, heard, and respected. Our primary goal is to treat clients with the utmost respect and empathy while considering their preferences and needs.

Aging with dignity is a fundamental human right, and we strive to ensure that our clients receive the best possible care.

What This Service Includes 

When a Client or their family member contacts us, our top priority is to offer them helpful information. This includes details about our process, the services we provide, how we carefully match Caregivers with Clients, and what to expect in the next steps. In the spirit of this transparency, here’s what our personal care assistance service entails.


Toileting is one of the most basic and important personal care needs. We provide discreet and professional assistance for clients who need it, using the most up-to-date methods and techniques to ensure comfort and privacy. Each Caregiver is trained to help Clients with incontinence care, bedpan use, and proper sanitation.  

Peri Care

Peri care is an essential part of personal hygiene. Our Caregivers provide compassionate and thorough peri care services that ensure clients remain comfortable and healthy. Since peri care involves the cleaning and washing of the genital and anal area, proper hygiene and sanitation are of the utmost importance. 


The importance of accessibility to proper bathing can’t be overstated. Feeling clean, refreshed, and confident gives Clients a fortified sense of self. Our Caregivers use safe and comfortable methods and equipment when assisting Clients with bathing needs. We also ensure we use the Client’s preferred products for ultimate comfort. 


Another crucial aspect of personal care is assistance with dressing and undressing. Our Caregivers understand the importance of maintaining the Client’s privacy and dignity during this process. They use discretion and empathy and tailor services to individual needs, preferences, and ability levels.  

Other Hygiene Needs

Other personal care assistance can include help with various hygiene tasks such as hair care, shaving, grooming, oral care, and promoting overall personal comfort and well-being. 

Client Case Study

Our clients always say it best. Here’s what Kimberlee shared about her father’s care journey:

“My father’s Caregivers are a gift. My father is 100 years old. He’s in good shape—for 100. But I’m able to go to work and be his daughter because of Melissa and Cindi. Both of them are just amazing. Pop adores them. They cook lunch for him and help with his daily grooming. They are the companions that we need for his safety. We had another agency, and it was a poor experience. On top of everything else the office staff and owner are helpful and kind. Caring for older loved ones is difficult. Caring for Family of Companies makes it a bit easier.”

Put Your Mind and Heart at Ease 

Our ability to care for ourselves as we once did might change with time. However, the dignity, respect, and compassion we all deserve as humans should never wane. The Caring for Family of Companies’ trusted and highly trained Caregivers provide safe and comfortable personal care assistance to put the minds and hearts of our Clients at ease. If you’re interested in this and other services, explore our Locations page to find a branch near you.

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