Compassionate Care

Caring for Family of Companies

A Legacy of Compassionate Care

At the center of every family is a beating heart that drives its values, moves its members, and inspires future generations to carry on. At the heart of ours is a deep commitment to compassionate care for aging and disabled adults. What began as founder AJ Siegmann’s reverence for the wisdom of generations gone before has blossomed into a company-wide reverence for life’s changing seasons. 

caring for family founder AJ with kids
About Caring For Family of Companies, older woman and her Caregiver

unparalleled quality

Family-Focused Care

The Caring for Family of Companies grew from a desire to provide an unparalleled quality of family-first, family-focused care for those who desire to live independently in the comfort of their homes—so their golden years remain golden. From our inception in 2007, every Caregiver and Client we’ve added to the family has helped us achieve this goal and shown us the dignity of a life lived with intention. 

The Respect of a Loved One

Grew into Purpose

Today, AJ and his family reside in Central Oregon, where they continue to elevate the calling and career of Caregiving through the company’s growing locations and Clients served. What began with one man’s deep respect for a loved one has turned into over 500 employees throughout Oregon and Indiana in heartfelt career paths that make Clients feel loved, respected, and supported. 

AJ and Caroline, CFFOC founders
Caring for Family of Companies

Welcome to a life well lived.

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Mission and Values

These are the foundational values upon which we’ve created the Caring for Family of Companies. 


& communication

Everyone deserves the respect of total transparency and collaborative care. 


& understanding

Our Clients become family members as soon as they’re matched with a Caregiver. 


& reverence

We have the privilege of assisting Clients through each changing season of life.


& Purpose

We are more than just an organization; we strive to impact our communities in life-affirming ways.

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Reaching Further

Our overarching goal is to provide a life well lived for each community we serve. 

Fostering outstanding Caregiver-Client relationships and customized but affordable services is our highest aim. Our purpose is also to care for and contribute to our communities in impactful ways. This means partnering with local health systems, community organizations, not-for-profits, and hospice care to bring a wealth of wisdom to families navigating difficult transitions. 

This also means investing in more than our Clients or Staff. We extend our support to foster care, veteran care, trauma recovery, family disruption prevention, lifesaving surgeries, and more throughout each location. The overarching goal is to provide a life well lived for each community we serve. 

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