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In-Home Care Services

Our homes are much more than a place to escape from the busyness of the world. Often, they’re the hub of our family—where our children learned to walk, our achievements were celebrated, and memories were shared around the table. The importance of home cannot be underestimated, especially when seeking care. Our company prides itself on creating affordable, customized care plans for every Client with the dependability and relational compatibility you deserve. 

At the Caring for Family of Companies, our in-home care services celebrate life, nurture dignity, and foster independence.

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As Unique as You

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Personal Care Assistance

Our personal care services include assistance with toileting, peri care, bathing, dressing, and other hygiene needs. We pay the utmost respect to each Client as they navigate the interdependency required to age with dignity and continued health. Our trusted, one-on-one Caregivers provide a safe environment for Clients to rely upon them for their evolving needs through each changing season of life, putting their minds and hearts at ease. 

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Medication Management

When it comes to medication management, there’s no room for error. Our comprehensively licensed medication administration teams provide unwavering support. We work with your physician to provide prescription fills, medication management, organization, and careful administration. By simplifying this process, you can focus on your health and well-being. 

*Medication reminders are available in Indiana locations.

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Meal Preparation

There’s powerful healing in heartfelt cooking. As your reliable companion in the kitchen, our dedicated team plans nutritious menus and sources healthful ingredients. In addition to preparing ready-to-eat meals for Clients, our Caregiving staff also cooks, freezes, pre-portions, and prepares meals ahead of time, so access to nutritious food is never an issue. We’re committed to preparing each meal with attention to our Client’s preferences, using ingredients that promote vitality and comfort. 

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Nursing Services

Every location has a dedicated Registered Nurse (RN) who provides specified medical assistance and plays a vital role in training our Caregivers to perform delegated tasks. These in-home care services include wound care, catheter/colostomy care, and other specialized needs. Our collaborative approach ensures all aspects of care are covered, guaranteeing the well-being of our Clients. 

*Oregon locations only. 

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Companion Care

Emotional health is a crucial component of total well-being. Our Companion Care service offers Clients emotional support, companionship, and relationship connection. Through a well-matched Client-Caregiver relationship, our personalized care fosters meaningful connection over the activities you love most. With a focus on well-being and reducing isolation, we aim to enhance the overall quality of life for those we serve—whether through hobbies like gardening, creating photo albums and preserving life stories, or reminiscing through the treasure trove of memories. 

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The ability to get where you need to go is fundamental to maintaining independence. We make life easier for Clients, whether picking up medication, dining out, or accompanying you to a physician’s appointment. With safe, reliable transportation, you can continue interacting with and contributing to the community you love in meaningful ways. The ultimate goal of our Transportation service is to help Clients regain the freedom to travel and access vital resources.

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Home Keeping

A clean living space not only brings peace of mind; it safely protects against transmissible diseases. Our Caregivers are skilled in maintaining a sanitary and tidy environment so you can enjoy your home. Home Keeping in-home care services include dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, laundry, and more. With their attention to detail and dedication, our Caregivers ensure that your living space remains neat, organized, and hygienic.

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Respite Care

As a family Caregiver, you’re always “on.” Respite Care is your much-needed break to recharge and return to Caregiving with renewed strength. We intimately understand the challenges and emotions of entrusting someone else with your loved one’s care. Our reliable and compassionate support allows you to take time for yourself, knowing that your loved one will receive personalized attention and the highest level of care. We take care of the logistics so you can enjoy the relationship.  

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We Value Family

Helping Family Members Provide In-Home Care Services

In addition to our teams' in-home care services, we offer a unique PerfectMatch program that rewards you for the care you’re already providing. For those qualified, we provide financial support and resources to enhance the responsibility of caring for a family member or friend. In addition to paid training with an RN, you’ll receive paid time off and built-in support staff there for you 24/7. 


to Serve You


Words of Gratitute


  In the door walked our Angel - and she was so loving and caring.



We couldn't have made it without you.



Your presence afforded us time to just hug him.



Relatable, patient, and ready to go the extra mile.



Could not have found a better person to help my mom.



Could not have found a better person to help my mom.



It’s like having a second family.



You came to our family’s rescue.



Mom’s days were the best they could be!


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