Jerramy Carematch Client

Our CareMatch Program

“If you have the opportunity to take care of someone you love, your Mom or your Dad …I mean you only have so many years with them – take it! And with Caring For (Family of Companies), you have that opportunity—there’s no reason not to.” Jerramy CFP 

Today, we are privileged to showcase Jerramy, hailing from our Portland location. His journey with our CareMatch program sheds light on the unparalleled support it provides to family caregivers, making it a true game changer for families in need.

At the heart of Jerramy’s narrative lies an unwavering love for his dear one, who required specialized care due to a medical condition. Driven by love and an overwhelming sense of responsibility, Jerramy made the profound decision to relocate to Portland, recognizing that he was the best person to meet his loved one’s unique needs. Embracing this responsibility with open arms, he embarked on a path that would eventually lead him to an extraordinary program that would transform his caregiving experience.

In his quest for resources, Jerramy stumbled upon a support system that surpassed mere financial assistance. Our CareMatch program, with our dedicated and compassionate support staff, proved to be a genuine game changer. It provided him with the much-needed help and encouragement he sought. We offered a team of professionals well-versed in navigating the challenges of caring for loved ones with special needs, guiding him with expertise, offering invaluable resources, and, perhaps most importantly, providing unwavering emotional support. With a dedicated support staff by his side, Jerramy’s caregiving journey became not only more manageable but also remarkably fulfilling.

Throughout his experience, Jerramy bore witness to the profound impact of familial bonds in memory care. Familiar faces, especially family members, served as anchors for individuals with memory issues, offering them comfort and a sense of security. Recognizing this potent force, Jerramy was further motivated to involve family members actively in the caregiving process, ultimately enhancing his loved one’s overall well-being.

Indeed, Jerramy’s caregiving journey stands as a testament to the boundless love and dedication that family members possess when caring for their loved ones. His decision to uproot his life from California to Portland was driven by love and an unwavering belief that he was the best-suited person to provide specialized care to his cherished family member.

Jerramy’s story serves as a poignant reminder of the power of family and the paramount importance of having a compassionate support system while providing care for a family member. It becomes a wellspring of inspiration for all those treading on a similar path.

If you find yourself feeling isolated while caring for a loved one or know someone who could benefit from the transformative support offered, do not hesitate to learn more about our life-changing program. Visit our CareMatch Page and discover how one of our local offices can profoundly impact your caregiving journey. Together, as a caring community, we can cherish the moments spent with those we hold dear and draw strength from the embrace of compassionate support.

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