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“Thank you so much for all you do for me. I am overwhelmed with my beautiful new bike! And I also want to thank you so much for all the wonderful companionship you provide for me.” — Lee, Client

Today, on this Thankful Thursday, we want to share an inspiring Client story that touched our hearts and reaffirmed the power of compassion and care. Meet Lee, a remarkable individual whose life’s journey took unexpected turns, yet his spirit remained resilient.

Lee’s life took him from being a devoted Vietnam War veteran, earning prestigious awards like the Purple Heart, to finding a new home in the charming town of Astoria, Oregon. Here, among the scenic beauty and close-knit community, he built a life for himself for the past four decades. However, a stroke threatened to overshadow the vibrant spirit that had defined his existence.

Lee faced independence challenges, with medical professionals suggesting a care facility, but he was determined to stay in his apartment. Amidst the struggle, our Caring For Family of Companies and their dedicated Caregivers provided solace and support. Lee’s physical therapist proposed using a bike for therapy, and through his Caregiver’s advocacy, the Caring For Family of Companies, and local businesses collaborated to purchase the bike, empowering Lee’s recovery and maintaining his autonomy.

With a heart full of joy, Lee received his beautiful new blue recumbent bike, adorned with the Purple Heart and American flag on the back. This recumbent tricycle not only provided a safer and more comfortable riding experience but also offered a means to reconnect with his past, reliving the cherished memories of his childhood bike rides.

Lee’s journey, supported by the unwavering commitment of our Caring For Family of Companies, stands as a testament to the transformative power of compassion and care. The restoration of his independence and freedom through the simple act of riding a bike serves as a powerful reminder that small gestures can make a profound impact on one’s life. With his recumbent tricycle, Lee now explores the world with the same sense of liberation and joy he experienced as a child, proving that it’s never too late to regain what was once thought lost. Together, Lee, and our loving and dedicated staff have redefined the meaning of Caregiving, showing that by providing support and embracing the spirit of adventure, lives can be enriched beyond measure.

To see the local newspaper article about this story click here.

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